2010 trades effects

How are the trades of 2010 going to effect your fantasy team.


Cliff Lee- There will not be much change with him due to the fact that he was traded within his division.

Dan Haren- He has gone from the National League to the American League. Expect him to give up more earned runs now that he will have to face a DH.

Roy Oswalt- He stayed in the same league but has entered a division with much better teams, such as the Phillies and Braves instead of struggling teams like the Pirates and Cubs.

Edwin Jackson- Going to the White Sox he will also be facing a DH now which will hurt him. He has thrown a no-hitter this year but walked 8 batters doing so. He has had trouble with his control and is not a guy you would want on your team.

Matt Capps- He went to Minnesota and will be the closer but may have more trouble than on the Nationals now that he is in a division with great hitters.


Scott Podsednik- He has gone to a much better team and will get more RBI situations. Also note that he may be on the bench more to give the other outfielders playing time.

Bengi Molina- He was traded to the Rangers. The key to this is now Buster Posey will play much more and has gotten off to a great start.

Alex Gonzalez- He joined the Braves and will also get more RBI’s and runs scored.

* There were many other trades but not that will effect your fantasy team.



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