The Value of Lance Berkman

So what is the value of Lance Berkman?

First of all what is his real nickname?

Fat Elvis

or the Big Puma

Well call him whatever you like but should you have him on your fantasy team? I am a yankees fan so I have not seen him play much until he was just recently traded. Well so far I do not like him very much. I just saw him go 0 for 4 the day A-rod hit 600th and is 2 for 11 total as a Yankee, both are singles. He started one game at first and messed up twice. He almost caught a blooper and dropped a throw by Robinson Cano. He has done pretty bad but I believe that he will get more comfortable in the Bronx and hit better during the season. He is very underrated right now. He is 94% owned in fantasy right now. If you do not have a good first baseman, 1b/3b, or utility player, I would reccomend that you try to get him because he will play better. The only down side to having him on your team is that he may not play every day. Mark Teixeira will get many of the starts at first and they have many other players that can be the DH.


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