When to send the pitchers out

Everyone has some good pitchers. The only question is should you start them or not? Many people are probably thinking why wouldn’t you start them. Well suppose you are dominating in the wins and strikeouts category and you have a slight lead in ERA and WHIP. Then would you risk a bad start that would make you losing in those categories? I wouldn’t. Or suppose the week has just started and you have A.J. Burnett pitching. If he is facing a team like the red sox would you start him. He could get you maybe 5 ks and possibly a win. But his last start his ERA was around 10.

Not a happy face is it.

 Is it worth it to get those 5 ks and if he pitches like that probably not a win. Also he was facing the blue jays that time. Now he is facing the red sox, a much better hitting team.

He may pie people

But won’t get you many good fantasy numbers

So should you start him or not? That is up to you but remember to think about it.


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