Know Your Opponent

Make sure that you know the person you are facing in the week. There are 3 types of fantasy players. There’s the guy who forgot he even had a fantasy team, the guy who occasionally checks, and the guy who checks almost every day. If they never check, notice who is on their bench. If they have sluggers then don’t worry about hitting many home runs. Start your speedsters instead. The same goes for if speedsters are on their bench just start your sluggers. The same goes for every other type of ball player. If they check their team every day then you should stay alert for them to move around their players to help in other categories.



When to send the pitchers out

Everyone has some good pitchers. The only question is should you start them or not? Many people are probably thinking why wouldn’t you start them. Well suppose you are dominating in the wins and strikeouts category and you have a slight lead in ERA and WHIP. Then would you risk a bad start that would make you losing in those categories? I wouldn’t. Or suppose the week has just started and you have A.J. Burnett pitching. If he is facing a team like the red sox would you start him. He could get you maybe 5 ks and possibly a win. But his last start his ERA was around 10.

Not a happy face is it.

 Is it worth it to get those 5 ks and if he pitches like that probably not a win. Also he was facing the blue jays that time. Now he is facing the red sox, a much better hitting team.

He may pie people

But won’t get you many good fantasy numbers

So should you start him or not? That is up to you but remember to think about it.

The Value of Lance Berkman

So what is the value of Lance Berkman?

First of all what is his real nickname?

Fat Elvis

or the Big Puma

Well call him whatever you like but should you have him on your fantasy team? I am a yankees fan so I have not seen him play much until he was just recently traded. Well so far I do not like him very much. I just saw him go 0 for 4 the day A-rod hit 600th and is 2 for 11 total as a Yankee, both are singles. He started one game at first and messed up twice. He almost caught a blooper and dropped a throw by Robinson Cano. He has done pretty bad but I believe that he will get more comfortable in the Bronx and hit better during the season. He is very underrated right now. He is 94% owned in fantasy right now. If you do not have a good first baseman, 1b/3b, or utility player, I would reccomend that you try to get him because he will play better. The only down side to having him on your team is that he may not play every day. Mark Teixeira will get many of the starts at first and they have many other players that can be the DH.

2010 trades effects

How are the trades of 2010 going to effect your fantasy team.


Cliff Lee- There will not be much change with him due to the fact that he was traded within his division.

Dan Haren- He has gone from the National League to the American League. Expect him to give up more earned runs now that he will have to face a DH.

Roy Oswalt- He stayed in the same league but has entered a division with much better teams, such as the Phillies and Braves instead of struggling teams like the Pirates and Cubs.

Edwin Jackson- Going to the White Sox he will also be facing a DH now which will hurt him. He has thrown a no-hitter this year but walked 8 batters doing so. He has had trouble with his control and is not a guy you would want on your team.

Matt Capps- He went to Minnesota and will be the closer but may have more trouble than on the Nationals now that he is in a division with great hitters.


Scott Podsednik- He has gone to a much better team and will get more RBI situations. Also note that he may be on the bench more to give the other outfielders playing time.

Bengi Molina- He was traded to the Rangers. The key to this is now Buster Posey will play much more and has gotten off to a great start.

Alex Gonzalez- He joined the Braves and will also get more RBI’s and runs scored.

* There were many other trades but not that will effect your fantasy team.


How to react to trade proposals

If you are ever offered a trade proposal you should do the following.

1. Review the trade, see if the trade will improve statistics you need help in, stealing bases, home runs, RBI’s, and for pitching ERA, wins, saves etc.

2. If you feel it will help your team, accept it.

3. If you are a good hitting team but need some pitching, a slugger for a consistant pitcher is a good deal, Ryan Howard for C.C. Sabathia etc.

4. If you do not like the trade, counter a trade that will complete your team.

Follow these steps to become a good trader, but not the traitor below.